2016 Toyota Prius Development


2016 Toyota Prius presents the fourth generation of his most famous hybrids on the world. First time is launched way back in 1997 years and since then has undergone several updates. The new generation of the model will be built on Toyota TGNA platform that provides better driving dynamics and decreasing the overall weight of the vehicle. External design will undergo modification and have a sporty look, as is the case with fraternal model Avensis. Namely, made is a big step forward compared to the previous model and is much cheaper for process of developing and producing this car. The interior is packed with technological features and systems that communicate with driver and achieves optimal ride. Japanese engineers have effort to round up the story with the new hybrid system.

2016 Toyota Prius – Wireless Charging System

Confirmation is coming from the highest level of Toyota; the drive system will have two types of power: nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries. The first one is cheaper to produce while the other has a higher capacity and are used to more luxurious package. The hybrid system will comprise a combination of 1.8-liter gasoline engine and electric motor. Novelty is that vehicle comes with four wheel drive, while his fuel economy improved for 8%. 2016 Toyota Prius will have a much better performance of the drive system as compared to the previous period. In the preparation is wireless charging system that will become the biggest hit in the market. With new Prius is no relaxing, because you always can expect a big surprise. If you start to ride the latest model, efficient motor will you drive to your destination.

2016 Toyota Prius – Release Date

2016 Toyota Prius brings a modern interior with quality materials. Cab will be able to accommodate five passengers. The center console has been updated and on it is found touch screen which show all the necessary information. Comfortable seats have the option of moving and also the heating, ventilation etc. On the list of safety features are found a large number of systems that take care of the stability and control of the vehicle. Expect is in late 2015 and early 2016 on the market and very soon afterwards sales through the dealer network. Projected price has not been made but it is supposed to be something bigger than the current model.