2016 Toyota Tacoma Review


2016 Toyota Tacoma is a pickup that will come updated on the North American market. The new structure will be solid and made of high quality steel and aluminum, which will impact on reducing vehicle weight. The result will be better performance, primarily reduced fuel consumption and better working features. 2016 Tacoma will be built on Kaizen platform that provides a lot of opportunities. The design will receive refreshments and minor changes, while the dimensions remain the same except the longer wheelbase, which will provide additional space in the cabin. In offer will be three body configurations: Access Cab, Double Cab and Double Cab Long Bed. Off-road capability is on high level so is the moving on various configurations very easy. New open frame will be bent and prevented his destruction.

2016 Toyota Tacoma – Engines

2016 Toyota Tacoma will be powered by two different engines. The first in offer is a 4.6-liter four-cylinder engine and second is 5.7 liter V6 engine. According to rumors, realistic is option for the hybrid drive system that Toyota successfully applied to its other models. Also the company in cooperation with Cummins offers its diesel engines with less fuel consumption. Engines will be mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and will drive all four wheels. Details specifications will soon be known and we invite you to follow the information on our blog.

2016 Toyota Tacoma – Interior And Price

2016 Toyota Tacoma brings a comfortable and stylish interior. The seats will have leather upholstery and other quality materials with options changing the position and heating. Increasing the wheelbase engineers have tried to provide enough space for legs and head restraints. Cabin will have two or four doors and can accommodate a maximum of five passengers. It is evident refreshment center console, Infotainment system and the system for safety of passengers. It is expected to debut on the market in 2015 and the price will depend on the choice of engines and trim levels. According to projections, will range from $ 21,000 to $ 32,000.

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