Features of New Car Technology

Everyone has a different opinion on what features should be standard when it comes to automobiles. While some people are more concerned with performance or gadgetry, others are more concerned with safety or total operating expenses. There’s a lot more to that scenario than you may think, in our opinion. It all starts with a simple fact: most automobiles sold in India are under Rs 10 lakh, with hatchbacks accounting for the lion’s share of that market. However, they all lack certain essential functions. Here is a list of 20 characteristics that we believe should be included in every vehicle.

Airbags on both sides

Airbags, expressed, save lives. For that reason alone, every automobile should have at least two (one for the front passenger and one for the driver). While carmakers such as Toyota and Volkswagen already have twin airbags standards on all of their vehicles, larger players such as Maruti Suzuki have begun to phase in this feature in their newest models.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is a braking system that prevents (ABS)

ABS is designed to prevent your car’s wheels from locking up during hard braking. As a result, ABS assists in bringing the vehicle to a complete stop significantly faster than regular disc brakes. This should also be implemented in all autos from a safety standpoint.

Anchorages for ISOFIX

While the use of a kid booster seat, particularly for toddlers, has yet to acquire traction in India due to its safety benefits, we believe that providing the automobile with ISOFIX anchorages and communicating the true impact of its installation will help people to embrace it sooner.

Child Safety Lock for the Back Door

A kid door lock is a simple mechanism that ensures that the back doors can only be opened from the outside after being activated. This gives owners peace of mind, knowing that no matter what the youngster in the back seat tries, they won’t be able to open the door from the inside.


What causes you to go blind while driving at night? The glare of approaching or trailing vehicles. While there’s nothing you can do about incoming jerks who keep their car lights on high beam all the time, a day and night inner rearview mirror (IRVM) can assist minimize glare from traffic behind you significantly.

Both sides have internally adjustable wing mirrors.

You won’t believe it, but there are automobiles on the market in India that only have an ORVM on the driver’s side. Driving with an ORVM on the passenger side enhances vision, lowering the risk of harming your vehicle or another person on the road. If such mirrors are internally adjustable, that safety element can be increased even more. Stretching your hands out on either side to adjust the ORVMs might make you susceptible to idiots who prefer to cram their cars into the smallest of spaces.

The use of air conditioning

An air conditioning (AC) system is necessary for a car in a nation like India, where temperatures easily exceed 40 degrees Celsius in many regions. It adds to the journey’s comfort aspect, but it also guarantees that the driver maintains the essential degree of focus throughout lengthy, arduous travels.

Bumpers, wing mirrors, and door handles in body color

Mainstream carmakers hate the bare-basic form of an entry-level hatchback with blacked bumpers, wing mirror housings, and door handles to save a few more dollars for each car. The car’s entire appearance has been ruined. Please, please, please don’t do this. Don’t only look at the automobile as a commodity. Many people consider it a member of their family and treat it as if it were a kid.

Tilt Adjustable Power Steering

The majority of Indian cities are densely packed with obstacles of all types and sizes. Some have cracked or unpaved tarmac, while others have to do with a sea of traffic. Power steering makes driving a car around such obstacles a lot easier. Furthermore, a tilt adjustment will give the driver a more comfortable position for regular city driving.

Windows with lots of power

Power windows provide much-needed ease to our life. Thus there are no points for guessing. At most, entry-level hatchbacks come with two power windows, and we feel that employing a single switch to operate all windows should become the norm.

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