In China, BMW will produce cars for the European market

BMW will produce cars for the European

A few days ago, BMW received the coveted Chinese government license, which essentially turned on the green light to export models made in China to Europe or the US. 

The German company, after this development, is expected to increase its production line immediately, saying that the level of manufacturing in China has now reached almost the same level as Europe. 

“We have been licensed to export cars to Europe, but so far we have not decided on the number of vehicles, as demand for models in China continues to rise,” said China’s chief executive Olaf Kastner. 

BMW last year already had a production line of about 300,000 vehicles at factories 700 kilometers east of Beijing, near the North Korean border.

The German company – Already – is producing series 2 cars in China, and will start production of the X3 in 2018. 
“At the moment we do not know whether all production will be absorbed by the Chinese market or whether we will export to Europe,” Mr Kastner said. 

Note that Volvo is the first premium company to manufacture models in China and then exported to Europe and the US. Something similar had been done by Honda with Jazz before.

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