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ADAS, the most advanced safety feature to date, is at the top of the list (Advanced Driver Assistance System). In the Indian automobile market, ADAS has quietly seeped into the ecology of inexpensive cars. ADAS was once thought to be a high-end luxury automobile safety feature. However, it is currently included as a standard feature in automobiles that cost a fraction of that price.

The recently released MG Astor, for example, is the cheapest vehicle in India with level 2 ADAS capabilities. Simple automobile journeys have become a lot safer for the occupant’s thanks to the Advanced Driver Assistance System.

Blindspot Detection System

We have the blind spot monitoring system following the ADAS, which is very handy on Indian roads. A blindspot monitor has a rather straightforward operation. If any vehicle (car, motorbike, or truck) approaches the car from the side, a light (typically on the ORVMs) will signal the same. This allows the diver to detect when another car comes to their vehicle, perhaps saving them from a collision.

High-End Audio Systems

The availability of superior sound systems is the next item that many automobiles now include as standard equipment. People have recently begun taking extended road journeys in their automobiles due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This implies that adding decent speakers from companies like Bose, JBL, Infinity, and others will give the voyage the necessary flavor.

Smart Phone connecting through wireless

The smartphone integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay was the focus in 2020 and 2021. However, in the early years, you had to connect your phones to use the smartphone connection UI. As a result, we now anticipate carmakers to include wireless smartphone connectivity in their new vehicle releases to make things more convenient.

Six airbags are standard.

According to the new regulations, all automobiles would be required to have six airbags regardless of price. With four more airbags, cars on Indian roads will be even safer for their occupants.


To improve vehicle safety, we predict that by 2022, more automobiles will be equipped with an automated emergency braking system. AEB, which works in tandem with ADAS, allows the car to brake on its own if it senses an obstruction in front of it. This would significantly minimize the number of accidents caused by distracted drivers.

A cluster of all digital instruments

When it comes to technology, practically every vehicle is equipped with either a semi-digital or a digital instrument cluster. We anticipate that, by 2022, automobiles will be provided with large displays in place of instrument clusters, displaying far more information than previously. All-digital instrument clusters are already available in vehicles such as the Mahindra XUV700, Skoda Slavia, Volkswagen Taigun, Hyundai Alcazar, etc.

Alexa-enabled AI bot

Having a smartphone connection is one thing, but having an AI bot in your vehicle is very frightening. Like the new MG Astor, we believe that more automobiles will be equipped with AI bots by 2022. The AI bot can do everything a Google Assistant does, giving you access to a whole new set of instructions. “I’m feeling hot” (to lower the cabin temperature), “navigate to someplace,” and others are examples.

Keys in the Digital Age

In 2015, keyless entered and went a selling point for automobiles. However, more cars are likely to use digital keys by 2022. Digital keys can refer to a variety of things. For example, with the correct application loaded, you can turn your Phone into a digital key (if the car manufacturer has installed the hardware in the vehicle). Then, a simple credit card-sized card may be utilized as a digital key. Losing your auto keys becomes much more difficult in this manner.

Seats With Ventilation

The ventilated seats are one of the automotive amenities we wish every modern vehicle in India had. The Hyundai Verna debuted with this class-leading convenience feature in 2018, but it took other automakers until now to incorporate it into their cars. Things may change in 2022 when more cars are available with this fantastic feature to keep everyone’s butt cool.

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